Gordon called the program Sobchak “political plagiarism”

Gordon called the program Sobchak “political plagiarism”

The election program of the candidate, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, is a “political plagiarism”, said the TV presenter Ekaterina Gordon in his Facebook.

According to her, the promise Sobchak to transform Russia into a parliamentary Republic, it was announced Gordon on November 21. Gordon claims that the presidential candidate “withdraws” as a “C student from other people’s notebooks”. “What makes Ksenia Sobchak looks like a blatant political plagiarism and erosion of any political opposition movement,” said Gordon.

She added that until recently, Sobchak herself admitted in the absence of the program.

Gordon also put the blame “game protection Bulk”, which he called “certain meanness”. “Any thinking person it is obvious that it destroys him as a politician,” says Gordon.

She concluded that Sobchak wants “just to work out the money and role.”

Sobchak on December 23 has published its political program called “123 difficult step.” According to her, the paper she learned from the mistakes of the opposition movement in 2011-2012. The same day she was nominated as presidential candidate from the party “Civil initiative”.

Ksenia Sobchak has declared his intention to run as presidential candidate on October 18. She explained to his nomination as a candidate “against all”, but agreed to withdraw his candidacy in case of the admission of opposition leader Alexei Navalny to the election. The politician himself has not found any obstacles for the nomination of Sobchak in the Russian legislation.

Gordon announced plans to stand as presidential candidate on 30 October.

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