Russians advised to leave less personal information in social networks

Russians advised to leave less personal information in social networks

The Ministry of communications and mass communications of Russia recommends that the inhabitants of the country do not distribute redundant information about themselves on social networks. This was stated by Deputy Minister Alexei Volin, reports TASS.

Volin said that the Ministry of communications has developed recommendations with the aim of increasing media literacy of its citizens.

He noted that the concept is based on such things as the ability to use the Internet and finding required information, and the ability to distinguish between verified sources of information from unverified, parents training the parental controls and warning children about the dangers of the Internet.

“The fourth applies to children and parents: learning that it is not necessary to distribute personal information about themselves in social networks on the Internet, because we know that very often children and adults become victims of crime just as a result of the fact that they themselves suggested to criminals and attackers,” said Wolin.

Wolin also touched upon the development of the citizens of healthy skepticism. The “rule editor: doubt everything and check everything… when We come to the store, the first thing we look at the validity of the product. Here we are trying to educate the population, before you have something to read on the Internet, see what is the source of this”, he concluded.