Died the author of the first free flight in open space

Died the author of the first free flight in open space

In California at the age of 80 years died a NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless. He became widely known after the flight of “Challenger” in 1984, during which he walked in space without communication with the mother ship.

Then the astronaut with jet pack withdrew to 90 m from the space Shuttle, the first ever in the history of free flight in open space.

On the death of astronaut, told Space center, NASA, the reason is not disclosed. Time magazine in its obituary memories McCandless about the historical flight.

“I was too overtired. I just wanted to get out and fly… I was so cold that my teeth chattered and I shivered, but it was so small,” said the astronaut.

We’re saddened rated by the loss of retired astronaut Bruce McCandless II. Most known for being the 1st human to free-float on a shuttle spacewalk, he also served as the Apollo 11 moonwalkers’ link to mission control and helped launch @NASAHubble: https://t.co/myyOm101DR pic.twitter.com/jZeGvWzOxW

— NASA (@NASA) December 22, 2017

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During the second space flight on the Shuttle discovery in April 1990, McCandless has put into orbit a telescope “Hubble”. Astronaut left NASA the same year, four months after the second start.