Siberia was no longer enough food and money for the funeral

Siberia was no longer enough food and money for the funeral

Residents of the Upper Gutara village (Irkutsk oblast) not enough food and money for the funeral. This was announced by the Deputy of the state Duma Nikolay Nikolaev in an open letter to the Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the Siberian Federal district Sergei Menyailo.

The MP said that the bodies of two dead residents of a fortnight could not deliver from the village to the city. “Transporting a corpse in Nizhneudinsk for examination and back for burial costs 30 thousand rubles. The average salary in 10 thousand is unaffordable for families,” wrote Nikolayev, adding that the area does not provide subsidies for transportation of bodies.

According to him, an exception was made for the deceased 5 Dec resident with a severe disease, which is recorded as the cause of death in the examination. He managed to bury on December 20.

Other deceased in the same numbers Sibiryak could not even pick up from the place of death: his body is still lying in the forest. “A helicopter would have taken 15-20 minutes. But in another way- almost impossible. Mountainous terrain, taiga, mountain pass, deep snow — the car won’t pass, on foot will not pass”, — said the Deputy. Nikolaev linked these problems with the exception of the transportation of bodies from a list of discounted services of the program of development of transport complex of the Irkutsk region for 2014-2018.

Also, according to the Deputy, the New year’s eve the inhabitants of the Upper Gutara faced with empty shelves in the stores — not even sugar. According to him, this year the village brought food Essentials two times less than the social norm. “What’s the occasion, sweet gifts to children on New year? People have nothing to eat,” wrote the official.