Saakashvili got the right to be reunited with his family

Saakashvili got the right to be reunited with his family

The Ministry of security and justice of the Netherlands issued a visa to former head of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili. It is reported by the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf.

In response to the request in the office replied that indeed gave permission to enter the former President of Georgia to reunite with his family — wife of the disgraced politician Sandra Roelofs is a citizen of the Kingdom. Clarifies that Saakashvili received a visa at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev.

Later Saakashvili on air of TV channel NewsOne said that he “does not need a Dutch visa. I can travel to any European country, I have a few proposals on citizenship in the several States of Europe, I have an automatic right to citizenship of the Netherlands — this issue in front of me”, — he explained.

It is not known what policy the representative of the Embassy of the Netherlands, pasted visa — Saakashvili deprived the Ukrainian citizenship and, according to his assurances, does not have a passport.

September 10, Saakashvili entered the country from Poland at the checkpoint “shehyni”. Supporters of the policy broke through the cordon of security forces, after which he entered the territory of Ukraine.

October 3 he filed a petition for political asylum in Ukraine, but subsequently he was denied.

November 8, Saakashvili stated that he had received from the migration service a document confirming the right to stay in Ukraine on legal grounds. The politician stressed that he was not going to dwell on this, and wants to court to win the right to restore the citizenship.