Scientists have discovered how drunk men perceive women

Scientists have discovered how drunk men perceive women

MOSCOW, 21 Dec — RIA Novosti. Men who drank alcoholic drinks, tend to perceive women as partners for sex, to such conclusion scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States. Their work publishes MedicalXpress.

The study involved 50 men aged 20-30 years. Some of them drank alcoholic cocktails, the other used a placebo (drink holder), after they were shown pictures of young women in evening dresses. Volunteers were asked to rate the attractiveness of women and to create a psychological profile, their eyes watched a special system.

Scientists have found that drunk men longer looked at the chest and waist, women than in the face. The difference was more pronounced if women were described by most volunteers as “attractive” and “insecure”.

At the same time, if the woman gave the impression of a “self-sufficient” and “spiritual” person, sober men gave more time to the study of facial features. The alcohol was amplifying this difference, “drunk” volunteers almost did not consider the bodies of women who radiated confidence.

“Outspoken views on women lead to their dehumanization, it becomes the basis for many negative consequences, such as sexual violence and discrimination of the sexes at work,” said one of the authors Abigail Rimer, noting that such studies will help to deal with such untidy manifestations.