Pets will relieve owners from the stress and high pressure

Pets will relieve owners from the stress and high pressure

Communication with Pets helps to improve physical and psychological health, and emotional state.

Pets by their presence, as well as communication and unconditional love to improve the emotional state of all family members. So, when interacting with a dog increases the content of oxytocin (the”hormone of happiness”), has a beneficial effect on health.

According to studies, those who have a pet are less likely to suffer from hypertension and high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Also it is scientifically proven that dogs can help in the diagnosis of cancer at early stages.

A house cat, dog or other pet helps to cope with stress better sedative: stroking, communication with Pets lead to lower levels of cortisol (the”stress hormone”).

Also, as scientists have found, the activities associated with a pet (e.g. walking the dog), can significantly extend the social contacts of a person and promotes new friendships. And, of course, do the walk, this additional physical activity, which is lacking in our digital age.

The presence of the family four-legged friend has a positive impact not only on adults but also on children. Games Pets help kids responsibility, care, respect. Children raised in a family with a dog, make friends easier, they have higher self-esteem, they are more friendly. In addition, contrary to popular belief, babies who from birth, socialized with Pets less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies.

There are many examples of how Pets make our lives better, and we can make our society more comfortable for them. To this end, the manufacturer of pet food in conjunction with the international nonprofit Foundation Ashoka established the Purina Better Together award for the best project for the benefit of society, revealing the unique bond between people and Pets.