Not the window: the errors of celebrities on the Internet

Not the window: the errors of celebrities on the Internet

19 Dec 16.7 million followers could manage to record the phone number of the entrepreneur Elon musk. Sending it to the technical Director of Oculus, Musk accidentally put the number on Twitter. Soon the post was deleted.

As a celebrity was wrong about the Internet and what was the result in the review of RBC.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk

December 19, Elon Musk has laid out his phone number on Twitter. The owner was going to send it to the technical Director of Oculus, but I was mistaken. He quickly removed written, but Bloomberg managed to call. Beeps after the answering machine came on and lost an excerpt from the soundtrack to the video game God of War: “if the gods you made it. Somehow you got to me. I congratulate you and Express my respect.”

Actor Charlie Sheen

In December 2011, my number was mistakenly posted on Twitter American actor Charlie sheen. He corresponded in the social network, with singer Justin Bieber, who had addressed a message with the number, who happened to be on the main account page Bus. Within a few minutes the actor came under a barrage of calls he received about 2 thousand of text messages.

Former Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron

In November 2013 David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK signed up in Twitter to the page of the elite Agency escort service Carltons of London. “Previously, the subscription process has been automated and the account of Cameron himself signed up for all of those who signed him,” said bi-Bi-si the representative of the British government. The result of this massive automatic subscription was that at the time Cameron “read” the news almost 370 thousand people, said the source Bi-bi-si. Issued by the press service of the Prime Minister’s communiqué noted that the subscription of the updates on Cameron escort Agency does not mean that he uses such a service.

Tennis Player Serena Williams

In April 2017, tennis player Serena Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy in Snapchat, uploading a photo with the caption “20 weeks”. “I just kept the photo, but you know what a social network with a click of the wrong button… and I rarely call, so 30 minutes later I was surprised 4 missed calls”.

Singer Katy Perry

In April 2015, your phone number accidentally “lit up” on posted in Instagram and Twitter video American singer Katy Perry. She was filming a video with his dog, the collar of which was clearly visible to the room owner. The video was soon removed, however, the phone number had to change.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

In February 2015 former Florida Governor Jeb Bush accidentally published the personal data of more than 12 thousand people, laying out the contents of his email archive for eight years — 332 999 messages. In part of the letters were names, dates of birth and ID numbers of social insurance 12 thousand people. Bush was criticized by activists for privacy. Later materials containing personal data was removed.

Senator Ted Cruz

In September 2017 the account American the Republican Senator Ted Cruz said a like the scenes that caused a furor in social networks. Later, the politician explained that the error of one of workers of the device, saying that someone inadvertently “pushed a button”.

Actor Mark Ruffalo

In October 2017 the American actor mark Ruffalo forgot to turn off the stream in Instagram with the premiere of the movie “Thor. Ragnarok”, which was held in a theater in Los Angeles. In the end, the network got the first 15 minutes of the film in audio format, the phone of the actor lay in his pocket.

The official account of the Pentagon

In November 2017, the official account of the Pentagon’s Twitter reposted a tweet calling for the resignation of the President of the United States Donald trump, as well as democratic Senator al Franken and Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual harassment. The entry was quickly deleted, as the Department explained that the content was retweetet by mistake.

The US President Donald trump

Repeatedly mistakes Twitter made the President of the United States Donald trump. In may 2017, he has published in his microblog a mysterious phrase: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. According to Foх News, this post has collected about 100 thousand likes, about the same time the entry was retweeted, and the word covfefe turned into an Internet meme. At the end of November 2017, the us leader accidentally addressed to the wrong Twitter user, when he wanted to criticize the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

Author: Alexey Gavrilko-Alekseev
Starring: Yulia Sapronova