Elon Musk was accidentally published on Twitter your phone number

Elon Musk was accidentally published on Twitter your phone number

Entrepreneur Elon Max was going to send my number to the technical Director of Oculus, but accidentally posted it on Twitter. Bloomberg called the number, but heard only the answering machine.

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Max was mistakenly published to Twitter your phone number, the tweet could be seen by all subscribers Mask (16.7 million people), but he very quickly deleted, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was able to call the number that was in the tweet Mask. Beeps after the answering machine came on and lost an excerpt from the video game God of War. “If the gods you made it. Somehow you got to me. I congratulate you and Express my respect.”

The Agency said that Musk was going to send a message to John Carmack, CTO of Oculus, which develops virtual reality technology.

“You have a second to talk? My number is…”, — quotes Bloomberg tweet Mask.

The error Mask has raised suspicions that he might be, was going to ask Carmack to his company or was going to discuss possible cooperation with Oculus. In addition to Tesla and SpaceX, Musk heads a company involved in artificial intelligence research and OpenAI Neuralink, as well as building high-speed tunnels, The Boring Company.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said that Carmack is not going to leave the company, representatives of Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. are unable to respond to questions by Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, devices of virtual and augmented reality play a significant role in the development of Autonomous cars. Engineers of many companies, including those owned by Google Inc Waymo often turn to companies that can test unmanned systems.