10 most strange ancient animals

10 most strange ancient animals

Paleontology recently changed our view of dinosaurs, but not just them. In addition to dinosaurs at one time the Earth was infested with many animals, which would have ended for a person very badly.

Imagine a centipede with its length in two human growth. Or a snake that can swallow a crocodile. Or dragonfly wings under 60 cm fish length of 12 meters with some semblance of a buzz saw in his mouth. But they all existed in a particular era, and their remains were found by paleontologists. These creatures looked so strange and incredible that if they were shown in a kind of analogue of “Jurassic Park”, it is likely that the audience would blame the writers too rich imagination. But helicoprion, meganeura and arthropleura do once swam, flew and crawled on the planet. About extinct and these unusual creatures will remind you live from the Studio “Workshop of the spirits”.

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