The Supreme court reduced the sentence to former interior Ministry General Sugrobova for 10 years

The Supreme court reduced the sentence to former interior Ministry General Sugrobova for 10 years

The Supreme court changed the sentence to former interior Ministry General Denis Sugrobova and his subordinates. In April the Snow received 22 years in a strict regime for the creation of a criminal community and numerous episodes of abuse of power.

The Supreme court of Russia has softened a sentence eks-the head of the anti-corruption Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Denis Sugrobov and his colleagues. This decision was made by the Board of the armed forces, reports TASS.

The decision of the court it was commuted sentence from 22 to 12 years in prison.

Snow headed the Main Directorate of economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry (Guebipk). According to the prosecution, in the Chapter for several years operated a continuing criminal enterprise. Were his officers systematically abused his position, put on the thread the falsification of operational materials for senior officials and businessmen, massively provoked them to crime. The prosecution came to the conclusion that the motive of greed in the actions of the officers were not: send his victims of provocateurs, Ministry staff have made careers and awards.

The Moscow city court in April Sugrobova sentenced to 22 years in a strict regime, and seven of his subordinates received from 17 to 20 years of strict regime, a businessman and an agent of the operatives Igor Horses to four years. All the officers denied the titles. Deputy Sugrobov Borys Kolesnikov in June 2014, died after interrogation in SKR. The court also found him guilty.

Sun, as before the court, heard the case behind closed doors: it has a signature stamp “top secret” as part of his materials contain state secrets. In the first instance the case was heard for more than a year, work on the sentence taken from the judge Elena Guzenkova few months. One of the arguments of the defense Sugrobov and his colleagues was that Gusenkova, in the opinion of counsel, violated the principle of secrecy of the deliberation room. In the sentence after the announcement has been edited. Another argument was that the investigators and detectives in the case Sugrobov too broadly interpreted the concept of “provocation” and recognized as such normal operational activities against the officials, told RBC lawyer Sugrobova Edward Isetskiy.

The case against the officers of anti-corruption cupola MIA was opened in February 2014 after failed attempts by officers to take in the development of the Deputy chief of the 6th service of management of own safety (USB) the FSB Igor Demin. After that for several months has been arrested more than a dozen officers Guebipk. Sugrobov was dismissed by presidential decree on 21 Feb 2014 and is first passed by the witness, but in may of the same year, was detained and arrested.

According to investigators, due to the actions of 29 police officials and businessmen wrongly bear criminal liability for bribery, commercial bribery and fraud, and 18 of them for a long time in detention and under house arrest.

Operation against Sugrobov was headed by the FSB General Oleg Feoktistov, who was then the Deputy chief of Management of own safety (USB) the security services. Compromise Feoktistova Sugrobov was the goal when designing denim because they had a personal conflict, it was argued in the case. Feoktistov considered one of the most influential Russian security forces; in subsequent years, he oversaw the detention of governors Alexander Khoroshavin, Vyacheslav Gaizer, and Nikita Belykh, billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko, Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev told RBC sources. Another motivation could be fighting security forces for control of the business of encashment, said in 2014, the interlocutors of RBC.

Subsequently, criminal proceedings were instituted against several employees Guebipk. In 2013, the number of the cupola has declined by one — third from 645 to 419 people; four control of a Central Board was disbanded, told RBC in the press service of the interior Ministry. Currently, the Agency does not actually provide any independent operational activities in the field of fight against corruption, said the source of RBC and lawyers involved in the case Sugrobov.