The far East will cover marine air shield

The far East will cover marine air shield

In the Pacific fleet created a new army, air force and air defense.

In 2018, the naval aviation and air defense forces of the Pacific fleet will join as part of a strong army with headquarters at Kamchatka. A new operative Association will include at least two divisions — air and air defense forces. He was instructed to control the air environment in Kamchatka, Chukotka and the Arctic region. According to experts, the formation of the army, air force and air defense in the neighborhood of AK indicates the increasing potential impact of the Pacific fleet.

As told “Izvestia” in the defense Ministry, the formation of the army, air force and air defense will begin in 2018. Its composition will move aviation units, air defense missile and radar troops. The area of responsibility of the future pooling extends from the Northern Kuril Islands to the Arctic Wrangel island.

Such transformations are taking place in other fleets. In December 2015 45 formed army air force and air defense of the Northern fleet. As stated by the then Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu, this is done to gain control of the airspace in the Arctic.

Simultaneously with the formation of the Pacific army and air defense force structure changes air force. Is created after the not very successful reform of 2008 amorphous and poorly managed air force bases in the recreated regiments and divisions. In mixed regiments, along with squadrons of anti-submarine and transport aircraft, fighters, scouts and submarines will include units drones.

The basis of the group of the new army will be stationed in Yelizovo under Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy 317-th mixed aviation regiment based there the 53rd anti-aircraft division. As part of the regiment has a squadron of anti-submarine aircraft with the modernized Il-38N Novella. In Yelizovo are based and high-altitude interceptor MiG-31. In Kamchatka there are more squadrons of helicopters and drones. In the military do not exclude that some of the aviation division in the future will replenish with new equipment and get regimental status.