Scientists: nearly 40% of fatal cancer cases can be prevented

Scientists: nearly 40% of fatal cancer cases can be prevented

Almost 40% of fatal cancer cases can be prevented by simply changing way of life, say Australian scientists. Smoking cessation and proper diet significantly reduces the risk of developing many types of cancer.

Changes in lifestyle can prevent up to 40% of deaths from cancer, discovered Australian scientists. The study was published in the journal International Journal of Cancer.

After studying the official statistics of deaths in Australia in 2013, local researchers came to the conclusion that at least 16 700 deaths, 38% of the total number of cancer deaths in Australia could have been avoided just by reducing the influence of risk factors. In addition, it was possible to prevent more than 41 thousand new cases of cancer.

So, the main negative factor was Smoking, including passive — triggered a 23% of all cancer deaths.News5 types of cancer that occur most often

Obesity, according to the calculations of researchers, led to 5% of the deaths as malnutrition and infection.

“Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, — said David Wightman, one of the researchers. In 2013 he took 44 thousand lives and brought a lot of sorrow and suffering. Although in many cases cancer is inevitable, our study underscores what has been known for years: the risk of cancer is not always dependent on genetics or bad luck”.

Among other risk factors that can be influenced independently ultraviolet radiation (3,2%, 1390 deaths), alcohol (2.4% and 1037 deaths), physical inactivity (0.8 percent of the 357 deaths) and hormonal factors (0.4 percent, 172 death). Often the impact of any factor was associated with the influence of the other.

Accordingly, to prevent the development of disease is most likely in the case of lung cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, liver cancer and stomach cancer.