Road signs are allowed to hang on buildings and fences

Road signs are allowed to hang on buildings and fences

Innovation is connected with the regulation of Parking spaces.

On buildings and fences allowed to install road signs. It is provided by the new preliminary national standard. It is only on the Parking signs. Experiments were conducted in individual cities, including in Moscow. Road signs were moved on the front with narrow streets, where reliance on sidewalks interfere with pedestrians.

A national standard, which will operate until November 1, 2020, has allowed the regions to place some traffic signs on the fences and walls of buildings.

It is about seven Parking signs in new designs (arrow specifying the range).

Four of them — “Stopping”, “no Parking”, “Parking prohibited on odd days of the month” or “even…”. Preliminary standard permits apply to these signs arrows pointing to the area. In this version they can hang on the walls of buildings and fences.

The news isSudden changes in traffic rules: vest became mandatory on December 16 on the website of the government published decree No. 1524

Also innovation concerns three characters of the direction of accommodate Parking (both paid and free) — the new standard is also complemented them with arrows for the convenience of drivers.

The developers are confident that the installation of signs directly on the walls of buildings or fences will help to reduce the amount of “visual garbage” on the streets.