Cat Loaf stopped the escape of Shrek and Fiona

A cat named Baton prevented the escape of two large African spurred tortoises from a private zoo in Irkutsk. The story drew the attention of the Agency RIA Novosti.

The story of two escape attempts turtle named Shrek and Fiona told the staff “of the Irkutsk togallery” the social network “Vkontakte”. First, reptiles have managed to break the glass in the aviary. In place of the glass temporarily decided to put the plywood, and at this time one of the employees had to sit on the turtles, not to allow them to escape.

“Not to let Shrek and Theon during the elimination of the consequences to defeat something, had to use brute male strength, or rather weight, otherwise these heavy Brontosaurus not to stop and not to hold” — explained to the employees.

However, a few hours later the turtles again broke the fence and made another attempt to leave the zoo. This time, they prevented the red cat Loaf, which managed to draw attention to the fugitives. The zoo promised to build a new reptile house stronger.

The African spurred tortoise is considered one of the largest species. The weight of an adult reaches 60-100 pounds.

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