WP found out about the idea of trump to sell Russian diplomatic villas in USA

WP found out about the idea of trump to sell Russian diplomatic villas in USA

After assuming the office of President of the United States Donald trump offered to sell the seized Russian diplomats in the United States testify. This is with reference to several sources in the administration of the American leader newspaper the Washington Post (WP).

This initiative policies, according to them, stated after the special briefing by the FBI, which was organized for trump in the oval office. When it happened, this event, the sources do not indicate, however, point out that it took place amid continuing investigation of the Russian “intervention” in the presidential campaign of 2016 in the United States.

In the same period, according to them, who was at that time the position of Advisor to trump on national security Michael Flynn filed Sergey Kislyak, who was then the Ambassador of Russia in the United States, signal of a possible easing of sanctions against Russia. In this regard, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as noted by WP, can hope that the diplomatic building will be returned to Moscow.

The confiscation of the cottages of the Embassy’s staff, the interlocutors of the newspaper said the reason for the “biggest resentments” of Russia to USA — question about “stolen summer cottages,” as said the publication of the interlocutors in the administration of the tramp, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov then raised at every meeting with their American counterparts.

On the background of these events during a press conference at the White house, the secret service showed the US President a map showing the “closeness” of the dachas of the Russian diplomats to sensitive military and intelligence facilities, USA.

Owned by Moscow buildings in the FBI called “platforms” that Russia used “for spying”. After this briefing, the trump, as sources told the WP, “it seemed, was convinced” in these data.

“I told [Secretary of state] Rex [Tillerson] that we will not give back the property to Russian”, — quotes the words of trump after the event, the interlocutors of the newspaper. Then the US President, according to them, realizing “the full potential” confiscated from the Russian diplomatic mission buildings offered to sell them. “Should we sell these [cottages] and leave [him] the money?” — then asked trump a question, sources tell The Washington Post.

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