How to behave at the Royal wedding and not hit the dirt face

How to behave at the Royal wedding and not hit the dirt face

So, let’s say that you are very lucky and you are invited to the Royal wedding. In addition to the most basic questions — what to wear and what to give — there is another stumbling block: how to behave so that others are invited in their veins not red but blue-pregonaba blood, don’t see you as an upstart without kith or kin?

However, many books on etiquette warned that if you are a British citizen, and are not, therefore, a subject of Her Majesty, you and bribes smooth. But make no mistake, you will be watching a very skeptical eye.

How to communicate with Her Majesty

Perhaps the ultimate test of your “gustosamente” is that how you greet the Queen.

Don’t even try to find in all this logic, contemporary ideas about gender equality and other democratic innovations. Remember that you are dealing with an institution that is much older parliamentary democracy.

And, most importantly, remember that in this case the difference between men and women really are!

If you are a man

You have to pay a quick bow, and should only bend the neck, but not lumbar. Required of you for a brief moment, lowered his eyes in greeting, and again to bow when you aristocrat will begin to be removed from you.

If you are a woman

The woman should sit in a shallow, but very respectful curtsy. Experts on etiquette warn that your body should behave like a float on a fishing rod: fast down, fast up, upper body straight as your thoughts.

Second the nod to do at the end of a personal conversation.

And the Queen I will shake his hand?

Maybe Yes, maybe not. It all depends on Her Majesty. Therefore, do not shove your hand under her nose, and wait for the Royal signal.

If monarhine willing to lend you a hand for a handshake, do not try to measure her strength: easy, elegant movement and all. And do not try to kiss her hand, if you are a man! It is an insult to Regal, and in our time in the tower, of course, will not leave, but also fashionable reception, most likely, never will.

And refer to it as?

Everything is simple. First “Your Majesty”, and in the next phrase “mA’am” is short for “Madam”.

If the Queen decides to talk to you a little longer, then do not forget that she shouldn’t say “you”, “what do you eat today for Breakfast?”, but ask politely: “Your Majesty deigned to eat today?”.

However, the Breakfast just ask and impossible, because according to etiquette, you should avoid any personal questions.

Do not attempt to offer a topic for conversation, and only follow the direction of the conversation, given Her Majesty. And do not try to move closer to the Queen, or, God forbid, it somehow touch you. No need to try familiarly hugged a monarch or a friendly Pat on the shoulder: any bodily contact, except for a light handshake, will lead the guardians of courtly etiquette to premature heart attack.