94-year-old American was forcibly discharged from the nursing home and handcuffed

Juanita Fitzgerald

Juanita Fitzgerald, who lived in a private nursing home in lake County (Florida), was forcibly evicted from his room and sent to the local jail. It is reported WFTV9 ABC.

The administration warned the pensioner about his decision to evict, as the 94-year-old woman owed for the stay. However, Fitzgerald refused to leave the room, and as a result, the employees called police.

Arrived on the scene, police tried to persuade the stubborn resident pass on the way out with things, but he also refused. “I’m not going anywhere from here, you can pull me by force,” she said to the police.

According to the patrol report, after these words, the woman lay on the floor and began to show passive resistance. The guards managed to put a breaker in the car, after which she was taken to a local jail. She was charged with illegal entry and staying on private land. The trial of old will take place on December 27.

The TV channel notes that in the fate of older women wanted to take part, officials from social services, as well as eight various charitable organizations and foundations. But Fitzgerald refused all offers.

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