The state Duma has toughened punishment for flayers

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A bill to toughen penalties for animal cruelty passed by the state Duma on Wednesday, December 13, in the third and final reading. This was reported on the website of the lower house of Parliament.

According to the document, the maximum sanction of article 245 of the Russian Criminal code (cruelty to animals) increased from two to five years of imprisonment. Previously, under the articles got those who hurts an animal or several animals in the presence of children, there is a group of individuals, and uses sadistic techniques. Now the penalty applies to the knacker, a mockery of the Pets in the network.

Amendments made to article 258.1 (illegal hunting of endangered animals), according to which a more severe penalty (five years imprisonment) threatens not only use their position to officials, but also to those who will broadcast their actions on the Internet.

Toughening of responsibility for zhivoderstvo was one of the demands of animal rights activists staged a multi-day hunger strike at the walls of the state Duma. They also insist on adoption of law “About responsible treatment of animals”. This document is also the consideration of the lower house of Parliament, but its adoption is regularly delayed.

Debate on toughening of responsibility for the mockery of the Pets rose after the story of “the Khabarovsk revaderchi”, staged a series of killings of animals and vykladyvanii videos about this online. Autumn girl was sentenced to real terms of imprisonment, but not for zhivoderstvo and for robbery, inciting hatred and insulting the feelings of believers.

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