The Kremlin responded to the doubts in the victory of the Russian forces in Syria

Dmitry Peskov

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov responded to statements from the US that the victory over terrorism in Syria is not a merit of the Russian armed forces. His words on Wednesday, December 13, the correspondent of “”.

“You know what they say: defeat is an orphan and victory has many fathers”, — said Peskov.

A Kremlin spokesman added that “it’s not victory.” “Our Supreme commander made the decision on the withdrawal of a significant part of the contingent after the left object for large-scale combat operations,” he said.

Peskov also confirmed that Russia fully withdraw its troops from the Arab Republic. “With regard to the fact that the will is not everything: Yes, the temporary deployment in Hamima and temporary basing in Tartus continue to work,” he said.

Recent months, Moscow and Washington are a polemic about the success of the anti-terrorist campaign in Syria. On 12 December, US President, Donald trump declared his country’s victory over the terrorists in the middle Eastern state.

On 11 December during a visit to the air base Hamim in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian armed forces with the Syrian army defeated the most militant group of international terrorists in Syria. A few days before that, Putin also stressed the achievements of the Russian military. “Liberated almost the entire territory of the country, including places of historical living Christians,” he said.

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