Inhabitants of Irkutsk villages complained of hunger

The inhabitants of the Katangsky district of the Irkutsk region complained to the head of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs on the shortage of the most necessary products. They were asked to check on local officials ordered allocated for the delivery of products, according to “Baikal info”.

“Currently, all the stores are no canned meat and fish, flour, sugar, salt, cereals, pasta, oil and butter, vegetables-fruits, milk products. For more than a month we have to order products from Irkutsk and Kirensk and to carry them in the Luggage of passengers flying to the us by air”, — quotes the edition of a complaint.

Products in the Katanga area to bring on planes, the airlines get subsidies for transport costs. The residents of the district in a letter to the interior Ministry noted that to control the delivery needs of the power which, according to the people, reported the delivery to district of a sufficient number of products. “Baikal-info” adds that a winter road to the villages will pave the second half of December.

In late November it was reported that residents of the village of Troitse-Orlovka Ryazan region were without food supplies. The only village shop closed in the summer, and the promised local officials autobench never came. People went shopping in the store 12 kilometers from the village.