Hunted schoolboy friends with half of Hollywood thanks to a weird nose

Snoop Dogg

American celebrities have supported the teenager from Tennessee Keaton Jones (Jones Keaton), who became a target for bullying at school. On Monday, December 11, reports The Guardian.

As stated in the material edition, December 8, mother Keaton, Kimberly Jones (Kimberly Jones) has published a video in Facebook, where the teen is crying and refuses to go on the school dinner for the classmates who humiliated him because of “ugly” shape of the nose, doused it with milk and throw food. “What’s the point? Why they enjoy bullying innocent people?” — interested in the student, noting that he has no friends.

Kimberly Jones / Facebook

For three days the video attracted more than 22 million views, 440 thousand posts and attracted the attention of many American stars. Among them were actors Chris Evans, mark Hamill, mark Ruffalo, musicians Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and demi Lovato, as well as the baseball team Colorado Rockies. “Hey, bro, I’m your friend for life. Drop me a personal message so we worked out things. Only love can conquer hate” — appealed to Keaton Snoop Dogg.

“Be strong, Kiton. Don’t let them break you. I promise that soon everything will work out. This school let the kids decide what kind of people they want to be. But as you look to mom to come to the premiere of “the Avengers” in Los Angeles next year?” — asked Evans.

To celebrities have joined ordinary people who not only supported student comments, but he has collected more than 47 thousand dollars in further training less than a day.