Woman to the waist fell into a pit of boiling water

In the centre of St. Petersburg a woman to the waist fell into a pit of boiling water. It is reported by channel five.

The incident occurred on the evening of 10 December. On their way to the entrance of the house, the woman fell into the pit after the breakthrough of hot water, then she was hospitalized in scientific research Institute of emergency care named Dzhanelidze with burns to 40 percent of the body.

In a press-service of the company “TEPLOSET of Saint Petersburg” was told that failure, for which the boiling water flooded the sidewalk, occurred at intra-network with a diameter of 80 millimeters. Also there deny the fact of failure of the asphalt, but eyewitnesses say otherwise.

In “Heating” added that performed diagnostics this section of sidewalk and did not reveal potential dangers. The son of the victim told the Fifth channel that the tenants had informed the company of soaring in the area of the hatches, however, arrived on the scene specialist was joking in the spirit of “Yes, soon your whole house, the ground will go” and left.

December 1 in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted a car fell into a pit of boiling water in Krasnoyarsk.