Thin models in advertising is a huge pantyhose infuriated lush ladies

Thin models in advertising is a huge pantyhose infuriated lush ladies

Online store used skinny models in advertising tights plus size. To demonstrate that tights really able to fit one on anyone, the girls are plunged into them almost head and stretched nylon, as far as possible, to show how roomy tights. Some found the advertisement of the unethical part of the rage from this approach.

“I’m so evil, how can it be this is for pantyhose plus size?” writes an angry lady Twitter.

Thanks for making plus size women feel so great about their bodies. #badadvertising #badmarketing #doyouhearmysarcasm

— Angie Bailey (@angiesue43) December 11, 2017

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“Yes, very disgusting advertising” — support a girl in the comments.

“I’m not plus size, and it hurts,” writes Tiffany Arellano on Twitter. “And as a team of marketing and advertising agreed to such an addition? Hell, they should all be fired!” — says @oMoEnt_Mgmt.

In the words of the publication Mashable, pay attention to advertising, an online platform demonstrated “how not to advertise” goods. This position supports the British version of the newspaper Metro.

Some have suggested a full girls are not to blame on advertising, and to engage in their own body, to not be the target audience of such advertising.

That is humiliating, did not agree and some women of magnificent forms. “I’m sorry, I’m plus size and think it’s fun! Can’t stop laughing”, says Rachel de Pina.

In the scandal around advertising has not yet commented.