– History of the “barrel” fighter of the us around the Tu-95

American fighter accompanied by a Soviet Tu-95 over the Arctic ocean (1983)

Former member of the U.S. air force told The Aviationist how the American fighter-interceptors in the 1970-ies was performing aerobatic maneuvers near the Soviet strategic bombers.

Their memories Robert Siler (Robert M. Sihler) shared after resource 4 Dec published a photograph of the interceptor F-4 Phantom II performing a “barrel” around the Soviet Tu-95. The Aviationist noted that the history of the picture is unknown, but soon Siler who was his author, contacted the portal and told the details.

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According to the American, this episode occurred in late 1973 or early 1974 in the vicinity of Iceland. At the time Siler was the Navigator-the operator of systems of airborne weapons. “It was a standard intercept “Bear” (Bear — designation Tu-95 NATO — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), two F-4,” recalls a former soldier.

Siler noted that at that time American fighters on average twice a week, intercepted Tu-95. “It was the only aircraft in the period of my service there, who we met. Interceptions were made on Fridays and Sundays when the Bears took off from Murmansk to Cuba. As a rule, the “holes” we did at the request of the Soviet crews. They served us signals when he wanted to do [the stunts], and also photographed us,” said the American.

He stressed that the danger in these maneuvers was not. “The cold war slowed down, the attitude of both parties has improved,” added syler.