Russian-speaking Ukrainians were denied the right to exist

Irina Fahrion

The former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from Bo “Freedom” Irina Farion said that Russian-speaking Ukrainians must be “neutralized.” About this newspaper “Vesti”.

“Where in the Constitution of Ukraine says that the Russian-speaking population has a right to exist?” asked Farion.

“If we in Ukraine there is a certain category of people who boasts that they’re the trophy Putin, what do I have to deal? My task is to neutralize them. And really do not give these people any education, no job. Then they will samebut in the Ukrainian language on the following day. Let those Russian go to America, there speak Russian and find a job. Sweeping the house will give them! Let them go to Poland or the Czech Republic,” said fahrion.

Those who are in Ukraine, like the Russian language, fahrion was advised to buy a ticket and go to Russia.

“The Russian language in Ukraine is the mark of the occupier, it is the best trophy Putin. It is a symbol of the defeat of the Ukrainian front of the Russian or, excuse me, a Muscovite — it’s much better to call them”, — said the politician.

In July 2015 the RF IC filed against Farion criminal case. She was charged with solicitation of murder and extremism. The criminal nature of the statements of the former member of Parliament, confirmed a comprehensive psycho-linguistic forensic examination.

The reason for prosecution was the statement of Iryna Farion at a rally in Kiev October 15, 2014, in which she came out publicly with the “destructive and violent calls to action that encourage to destroy Russia as state and Russian as a group of people on a national basis”.