Russia was among the outsiders for economic development

Valery Fedorov

Russia took the 12th place among the twenty most developed countries according to estimates of the index of readiness for the future, which produced the poll.

First place was taken by Germany, second USA, third UK. “Among the outsiders Argentina, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and, alas, Russia”, — said the Director of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov (quoted by RIA Novosti)

As explained Fedorov, the first such study concerned countries “big twenty”. “Our goal was to understand how they — and thus, indirectly, and the world in General — ready for the future challenges that are already visible now but will fully appear in 10-15 years”, — quoted analyst of the website of the VTsIOM.

The index consists of several indicators: the level of development of economy, science, education, civic engagement, security and international influence.

On the indicator “economic Development” leader of Germany, followed by USA and Japan. In terms of “International influence” the leader is Germany, Russia is on 12-th position. The indicator “Security and sovereignty” in the first place, the USA, Russia on the 6th string.

Published in October, the world Bank’s Doing Business, which measures ease of doing business, Russia ranked 35th place out of 190 countries. During the year the country’s rating has risen by five lines.