The Europeans went into a clinch with trump on the issue of the Holy land

The leaders of the European countries criticized the decision of U.S. President Donald trump to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. About it writes Reuters.

As the press-Secretary of the government of Germany, Angela Merkel believes that the status of Jerusalem should be resolved through dialogue of the two States (Israel and Palestine). “We do not agree with the US decision to move its Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital”, — said the Prime Minister Theresa may.

Not approved the decision of trump and the President of France Emmanuel macron. “This decision is regrettable, and France wouldn’t approve of him. It is contrary to international law and all resolutions of the UN security Council,” — said the French leader.

Discussion statements trump going to discuss an emergency meeting of the UN security Council, which will be held on Friday, December 8. The initiators of the meeting were members of the security Council Bolivia, UK, Egypt, Italy, Senegal, Uruguay, France and Sweden.

Wednesday, December 6, the US President announced the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the transfer of the us Embassy there from tel Aviv.

Israel proclaimed Jerusalem as its capital after the War for independence in 1949. In 1967 after the six day war he took East Jerusalem and United it with the Western, but the UN has not recognized it.