Died “destroy” the career of the British war Minister Christine Keeler

Died “destroy” the career of the British war Minister Christine Keeler

Caught up in the early 1960s in the heart of one of the largest in the history of British scandals, the model died at the age of 75 years.

Former model Christine Keeler, familiarity with which should one of the last career military Ministers of great Britain (in 1964, the post was renamed Minister of defence), the war John Profumo, has died at the age of 75 years, reports the Guardian, citing her relatives.

According to the publication, over the past few months Keeler suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

According to the son of the deceased, Seymour Platt, Keeler died on the night of December 5 in the hospital, Farnborough.

In the late 1950-ies Keeler, who was born in a small town in the English countryside, came to London, where he became a dancer, model and was said to be a call girl. In 1961 Keeler met with the military British Minister of war John Profumo, with whom she struck up which lasted a few weeks an affair. Profumo broke up with Keeler after the security services warned him of the insecurity of this novel.

In particular, it was revealed that Keeler was simultaneously the mistress of the assistant naval attache of the Soviet Embassy and GRU officer Yevgeny Ivanov.

For some time all remained quiet, however, in 1963, one of the deputies of the labour party told Parliament Britain on threatening national security relationship, the war Minister Keeler. Profumo in response officially stated that in his contacts with Keeler never had anything “inappropriate” (the Minister was married) but in the end, was forced to admit that not only was the lover of Keeler and lied to Parliament.

Christine Keeler, taken by John Profumo at Cliveden, 1961. pic.twitter.com/1cpKgM3s0D

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In 1963 Profumo resigned from all his posts, soon left his post and the Prime Minister and the scandal surrounding his case, is thought to be one of the reasons for the defeat of the conservatives and the labour party victory in the parliamentary elections of 1964.