An American with an AK wanted to deliver US from the reptilians “by order of the trump”

In the U.S. state of Washington police stopped a jeep which was an armed man. It is reported

According to 54-year-old American, the US President Donald trump “called his home in Eatonville” and ordered “to fight the reptilians”. The detainee claimed that his family was allegedly “held hostage from the alpha lizard”.

During the arrest the man was screaming, saying it needed to “draw the attention” of others and “to document this for history.”

The guards assumed that the man is under the influence of stimulants. One of the friends of the suspect said that he took crystal meth for fat loss, and preparations containing morphine. The American was taken to a psychiatric clinic.

In his car they found a Kalashnikov complete with five shops, a loaded gun and a baseball bat.

In June last year in Brussels announced the terror alert, which later proved to be false. The suspect, who had himself called the police, said that he had a belt with explosives. Came the guards found out that it’s fake. The suspect had acted in a state of mental disorder.