The foreigner was sent in the coastal colony for the collection of the bones of tigers

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In Primorye, sentenced a foreigner, who seized 133 bone, at least two of the Amur tigers. This was reported on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, December 6.

In addition, the machine men were discovered synthetic drugs on a large scale. As a result, he received three years and eight months in a penal colony for trafficking of pieces of especially valuable wild animals (part 1 of article 258.1 of the criminal code) and illegal possession of drugs (part 2 of article 228 of the criminal code).

“The defendant admitted guilt guilt in full volume”, — stated in the message.

Crime uncovered officers of the border Department of the FSB. A foreigner who acquired the remains of the predator listed in the Red book, is not specified. He kept them in a barrel in one of the garages in the village Kraskino of Hasansky area of edge.

In August it was reported the 42-year-old resident of the seaside village Amgu, in whose apartment found frozen carcass of a one-year-old tiger and a hunting rifle from which the animal was killed. The man confessed to the crime and became involved in the case, and the remains of the animal was sent to the medical-biological research.