The decision to withdraw children have cut off the Breasts of Yekaterinburg will reconsider

Sverdlovsk regional court heard the appeal removed the chest of the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg Julia Savinovskih exemption adopted sons and sent the case for retrial. This was reported by the family’s lawyer Alexei Bashmakov on his page in Facebook.

He said “Mediazone” that the woman did not agree to sign the voluntary abandonment. In this regard, the management of social policy has submitted the claim about cancellation of the contract about a foster home in Ordzhonikidze district court. However, he refused to hear the case, while in force will not enter the decision about removal of children, and suspended him.

“Today the court recognized this decision illegal and ordered the same district court to consider the claim on the merits. However, today a few hours after this decision came another decision on appeal Savinovskih”, — said the lawyer.

Earlier the woman said “the” that the guardianship illegally took her children, providing the court with false documents and information about her alleged mental disorder and claim asylum abroad. Family Savinovskih beginning the process of adopting two boys in 2015 and 2016, by the time the woman had three children of their own. In early 2017, she removed the breast, the great size of which made her uncomfortable, and later became interested in the problems of transgender people.

Learning of this, the guardianship seized the children and put their profiles on the website “Adoption in Russia”. 20 Sep Ordzhonikidzevsky court has deprived of parental rights Savinovskih.