Examination ruled out the use of drugs to the fallen frontman of Linkin Park

Suicide frontman Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington before his death, didn’t do drugs. It is reported portal TMZ received a copy of the autopsy report of the body.

According to the results of autopsy and Toxicological examination, the first blood Bennington found traces of MDMA (ecstasy), but the results of two subsequent tests disproved it, so that was the final conclusion that at the time of death the deceased was not under the influence of drugs.

The widow Bennington Talinda told the publication that after a suicide attempt in 2006, the doctor prescribed her husband the antidepressants that Chester did not take more than a year.

The musician did not leave a suicide note, but investigators found hand-written “evident biography”. Earlier it was reported that the house of Bennington forensics found no drugs, only an opened bottle of alcohol in the bedroom.

41-year-old Chester Bennington was found dead in his home in California on July 20. The coroner confirmed that the cause of his death was suicide. The singer was left with six children.