The frontman of the Sex Pistols intends to participate in “Eurovision-2018”

The frontman of the Sex Pistols intends to participate in “Eurovision-2018”

The former frontman of the British punk rock band Sex Pistols John Lydon, better known as johnny rotten, has announced its intention to participate in the song contest “Eurovision-2018” from Ireland.

According to the newspaper The Irish Sun, the composer Nigel Muni filed in the Irish national selection song Pleased To Meet You (“Nice to meet you),” which was offered to sing the former frontman of the Sex Pistols.

After recording the track, it will be forwarded for consideration by the television channel RTE, which deals with the selection of a participant from Ireland.

The Sex Pistols were founded in 1975 in London. After only three years, the team has made a huge contribution to the development of rock music and became the personification of the subculture punk.

In their songs the musicians often criticized the political system of UK and calls for anarchy (song Anarchy in the U.K. and God Save the Queen).

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John Lydon was the lead singer and songwriter for the Sex Pistols. After the breakup of the band he started the band Public Image Limited.