The Chita teacher swore in school chat and lost his job

The court in Chita has supported the decision of the school administration for dismissal of a social pedagogue who inadvertently sent a message with swearing in the student chat. About TASS reported to be responsible for liaison with the media Chernovsky district court of Chita Ekaterina Sofronova.

According to her, the teacher led several conversations in the social network and sent an obscene message to a group of students by mistake. After that she was fired under item 8 of part 1 of article 81 of the Labour code (“Committing a worker performing educational functions, the immoral offence incompatible with continuation of given work”).

The teacher did not agree with this decision and appealed to the court, but he rejected her claims. Then the teacher appealed, but the appellate court left it unchanged.

At the end of October in Ivanovo fired teacher who called children roundnose in the discussion with them of rallies of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.