New year in Russia there will be another 100 thousand HIV-infected

Continued: HIV has become a lot of Russian heterosexuals

The number of newly registered HIV cases in Russia by the end of the year is not less than 100 thousand. This was stated by the head of the Federal scientific and methodological center for prevention and fight against AIDS Vadim Pokrovsky, reports “Interfax”.

“By November we had was 75 thousand. That is the end of the year will be not less than 100 thousand,” — said Basil. According to him, last year it was revealed 103 thousand cases of new infections.

According to Pokrovsky, increasing not only annually identify the number of new cases of HIV infection (for example, in 2014 there were less than 90 thousand new cases in 2015 98 thousand), but the number of deaths with a positive status.

“We have a growing number of deaths. Last year 18.5 thousand people, according to Rosstat, died from AIDS. In fact, people with HIV died more than 30 thousand, but died the remaining 15 thousand is a question which requires study,” said Basil.

The head of the Centre noted that the increased incidence is not reduced, which means the insufficient prevention of this disease.

In September it became known that of the money allocated for anti-retroviral therapy was only enough for one third of HIV-infected Russians: from 900 thousand who are registered in the AIDS center people only 300 thousand have received medication.