From “Nose to “Darwin”. Hit parade wacky winners-2017

From “Nose to “Darwin”. Hit parade wacky winners-2017

What not to write about sex than it is not necessary to charge the howitzer and where flow cats.

In addition to the various awards in different spheres of life, there are also anteprime designed to celebrate the most unfortunate and absurd works of art, inventions, people’s actions and so on.

Who in 2017 joined the cohort of well-deserved “anti-heroes” of the planet?

“Batman vs. Superman”: deep in the money and deep in “Raspberry”

“Golden raspberry” is perhaps the most famous award in the world. Since 1981, it is awarded for the most dubious achievements in cinema. Traditionally, the “Raspberries” are treated on the eve of the Oscars.

Picture “Batman vs. Superman: dawn of justice” relished the public. With a budget of $ 250 million blockbuster about superheroes have grossed over $ 873 million.

Film6.5 Batman V Superman: dawn of justice

Despite the fact that the film has entered the Top 60 highest grossing films of all time, the critics smashed it to smithereens. As a result, 7 nominations for “Razzie-2017”.

On 25 February 2017 “Razzie” got nominated for “Oscar” and star of “the Social network” Jesse Eisenberg for the worst male secondary role of Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer for the worst-case scenario, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill for the worst acting Duo. In addition to this, the film was awarded the “Golden raspberry” in the category “Worst prequel, sequel, remake or rip-off”.

A member of the crew left to console themselves with the ancient wisdom that money does not smell.

Large ears and cats-liquid: the other side of science

In September 2017 it is time “honoring” winners strange and questionable discoveries in science. IG, she Ignobelevskoy the prize is not as simple as it seems. Physicist Andre Geim, in 2000 received the “Ignores” for “levitating frog”, ten years later was awarded the Nobel prize in physics.

But not the fact that the winners of the “Ignobile-2017” will go the same way.

Ignobelevskoy peace prize in 2017 received a group of scientists from the University of Zurich under the leadership of Milo Buena for the work “Playing the didgeridoo as an alternative method for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea”.

25 subjects suffering from snoring, played a musical instrument of the Australian aboriginal didgeridoo for 4 months 5-6 days a week for 25 minutes, which greatly improved their sleep.

British scientist James Heathcote was awarded a prize in anatomy for the work “Why do old people have such big ears.” In the study, the scientist measured the ears of 200 elderly people and found that men’s ears grow faster than women’s, increasing by about 2миллиметра every 10 years.