Tiger shark killed an American off the island Coconut

Tiger shark killed an American off the island Coconut

Tiger shark attacked an American tourist off the coast of the island of the Coconut — the largest of the uninhabited Pacific. On Saturday, December 2, reported Sky News.

The woman was diving with a group of other travellers when she was attacked by a shark. The animal bit her several times. The tourist got out of the water and gave her first aid, but she died from her wounds.

As noted, the shark also attacked the head of a group of divers. He survived, his condition is serious but stable.

Tiger sharks are considered extremely dangerous to humans. They grow to an average of 4.25 meters in length and weigh up to 635 kilograms. In the Guinness Book of records listed a special length of 5.5 meters, which weighed half a ton.

November 14 novice Amateur surfing in Australia was able to fend off a three-metre shark hit her in the face. According to the British Charlie Frye, from fright, he noticed the bleeding shoulder wound only after it came ashore.

In April it was reported that 17-year-old American also managed to fend off attacked her, the shark, striking the animal in the face.