In the Kaliningrad zoo explained the reason for the attack of the Typhoon in tiger woman

Livestock specialist at Kaliningrad zoo had violated safety rules, which she was attacked by an Amur tiger named Typhoon. This was reported by press Secretary of the institution Ekaterina Mikhailova, whose words RIA Novosti reported. “According to preliminary results of the internal investigation, there was a violation of safety when working at the facility. Now have to figure out why an experienced employee can avoid a violation. Separately to figure out how efficiently worked, all services of the zoo which should be involved in any emergency situation,” — said Mikhailov. According to the representative of the zoo, the victim is in hospital, threats to her life or health is not. She added that this is the first ever institution in case the tiger attacks on humans. The animal survived the stress and is now in his enclosure. Any action against him will not be made. Typhoon attacked the employee on

Zyuganov has promised to clothe and warm gathering on the anniversary of the revolution southerners

Gennady Zyuganov Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that the representatives of leftist parties from around the world will participate in the parade on red square on 7 November, reports “Interfax”. “We specifically bought them jackets to the people who came from warm countries could participate in the parade,” he said. Zyuganov added that after the parade the guests of the Communist party will take part in the March-the March on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, and at the Revolution square will host a big concert. October 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the view that the 100th anniversary of the October revolution will be perceived by Russian society as a symbol of overcoming the schism. Previously, on 19 October, the head of state during a speech at the meeting of the club “Valdai” pointed out the ambiguity of the events of 1917, which brought both negative and positive effects. The President added

The reason for the deaths of six people was the desire to eat barbecue

Archive photo The reason for the deaths of six people in the barracks on the North-East of Moscow was an attempt to make a kebab, TASS reported on Monday, November 6, citing a source in law enforcement bodies. A spokesman said that the men tried to fry the meat directly in the room. “On the scene found the grill, which, apparently, was the cause of the fire,” — said the Agency interlocutor. Upon a fire criminal case under part 3 of article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence to two or more persons”). The shed in the center of the Moscow-Butyrskaya station Commodity Savelovsky direction of Moscow railway caught fire in the night of 5 to 6 November. The total area of fire amounted to 12 square meters. On the scene found six bodies, their identity is currently installed. One of the people in the house managed

Trump called the cause of the shooting in Texas Church

Trump called the cause of the shooting in Texas Church The President of the United States Donald trump believes that the shooting in the Church in Texas occurred because of mental problems the shooter. He stated this at a press conference in Tokyo, reports the Washington Post. According to him, the number of victims in the Church could grow, but “luckily, someone from the congregation had a gun and he could shoot”. “Otherwise it would have been much worse,” said trump. On the eve of city Church Sutherland springs in Texas shooting occurred. A man opened fire on worshipers with automatic AR-15 rifle. Victims of the attack were 26 people. The assailant was shot arrived at the scene by police. The shooter was a former member of the U.S. air force Devin Kelly, who served from 2010 to 2014. In 2012 it was revealed that he used violence to his

Kadyrov invited Zyuganov to apologise for his words about Lenin

Kadyrov invited Zyuganov to apologise for his words about Lenin MOSCOW, November 6 — RIA Novosti. The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov does not hear the arguments of the younger generation in the matter of burial of the body of Vladimir Lenin, and said that the MP should apologize to the people whose opinion on this issue he called “chatter”. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий Earlier, the leader of the Communist party stated that “chatter about the reburial under a has nothing, except trying to push on the red square generation and to organize mass riot”. He added that he will not give “these intrigues take place”. Kadyrov in his Telegram channel on Monday referred to the data of Levada center and FOM, according to which about 60% of citizens in favor of Lenin’s burial. He stressed that this position is shared by school children,

Eks-the head of Catalonia has allowed to enter politics

Eks-the head of Catalonia has allowed to enter politics The Belgian court will consider his case next week, media reported. Moscow. 6 Nov. INTERFAX.RU the Prosecutor’s office in Brussels said on Monday the conditions under which the night before had been released from-under guards the former head of the Catalan government, Carles Pujdeme and four of his associates. These conditions allow to maintain contacts between disgraced politicians, and their contacts with the media. “They can also engage in political activity”, — explained in Prosecutor’s office. The court will begin to deal with this matter next week behind closed doors, said the Prosecutor. “And the parties can present arguments and, if necessary, to challenge the contents of the warrant of arrest,” he said. According to several European media, the date of the first court hearing — November 17. The Prosecutor recalled that the parole taken into custody on Sunday, Catalan politicians

In Germany deprived of parental rights, the man took hostage a sotsrabotniyets

In Pfaffenhofen an der ILM (Bavaria) the man took hostage an employee of the social welfare centre. It is reported by Spiegel Online. Man barricaded on the third floor of the building and lowered the shutters. Police began negotiations. According to preliminary reports, a man armed with a knife. Information on whether he had other weapons, no. According to the negotiators, the hostage received minor injuries, but is conscious. By assumption, radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk, the man could go on a hostage situation because of a nervous breakdown after a termination of parental rights. The police don’t comment this information. In August 2016, the man took a café in saarbrücken in Western Germany. He was not armed, he was found sleeping in the basement and then detained.

Scientists have found that people feel after death

Scientists have found that people feel after death Researchers from the school of medicine at the Langone new York University decided once and for all answer the question that begins where life ends. Doctors determine the moment of death the heart stops, the blood ceases to flow to the brain, which almost immediately ceases to function. Eventually brain cells die, however, this process is not instantaneous. Death occurs several hours after clinical death. In the words of Sam Parnia, head of research, consciousness also shuts off immediately after death. People can maintain the ability of perception in the “first stage of death”. Not without reason there is “evidence” of otherworldly experiences that are told by survivors of cardiac arrest and clinical death. “They say they saw nurses at work and heard their talks. Give the facts which could not know!”, — said Parnia. Currently, the researchers focused on the “prevalence”

The founder of Virgin, Richard Branson will open regular flights into space

The founder of Virgin, Richard Branson will open regular flights into space British billionaire Richard Branson has told about plans of his Corporation Virgin to establish space tourism and announced that Virgin Galactic will fly into space every day. Branson hopes that the flight duration will be about 10-15 minutes. As noted, “Federal news Agency”, a trip into space will cost the Terrans approximately $250 thousand. While the billionaire did not specify where it will be performed a space flight. According to British media, the operator of the regular rounds will be Virgin Galactic. The engineers of this “daughter” Corporation of Branson are developing new spacecraft, which will go into manned flight. Previously reported by the portal Richard Branson said that in seven months I’ll be able to go into space aboard the SpaceShipTwo model of Unity. The ship was built by the businessman’s company Virgin Galactic will soon

The search engine said about the anomalies of the Dyatlov pass

The search engine said about the anomalies of the Dyatlov pass Rudolf Sedov, member of the group of missing tourists on the Dyatlov pass gave the details of the search operation in 1959. During the search on one of the slopes was found a huge ice-covered space, recalls a contemporary of Dyatlova, master of sports of international class Rudolf Sedov. Publication from ? (@ulittta) Oct 22 2017 10:24 PDT During the download an error has occurred.The Dyatlov Pass “We explained that this radiation melting, are common in the mountains. I how much walking these years, never seen the like. In my opinion, could be thermal effects. But we were not allowed there, said that there is a proven all”, — quotes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the words of a search engine. Interestingly, in addition to Rudolf Sedov, on the ice only briefly mentioned the search engines Sergey Salgreen and Vladislav Karelin. Obviously