Eks-the head of Catalonia has allowed to enter politics

Eks-the head of Catalonia has allowed to enter politics

The Belgian court will consider his case next week, media reported.

Moscow. 6 Nov. INTERFAX.RU the Prosecutor’s office in Brussels said on Monday the conditions under which the night before had been released from-under guards the former head of the Catalan government, Carles Pujdeme and four of his associates.

These conditions allow to maintain contacts between disgraced politicians, and their contacts with the media.

“They can also engage in political activity”, — explained in Prosecutor’s office.

The court will begin to deal with this matter next week behind closed doors, said the Prosecutor. “And the parties can present arguments and, if necessary, to challenge the contents of the warrant of arrest,” he said.

According to several European media, the date of the first court hearing — November 17.

The Prosecutor recalled that the parole taken into custody on Sunday, Catalan politicians concerning their procedure may take up to 90 days. It may be renewed at the request of the lawyers, if they ask for additional study of Spain issued European arrest warrants.