In Germany deprived of parental rights, the man took hostage a sotsrabotniyets

In Pfaffenhofen an der ILM (Bavaria) the man took hostage an employee of the social welfare centre. It is reported by Spiegel Online.

Man barricaded on the third floor of the building and lowered the shutters. Police began negotiations. According to preliminary reports, a man armed with a knife. Information on whether he had other weapons, no.

According to the negotiators, the hostage received minor injuries, but is conscious.

By assumption, radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk, the man could go on a hostage situation because of a nervous breakdown after a termination of parental rights. The police don’t comment this information.

In August 2016, the man took a café in saarbrücken in Western Germany. He was not armed, he was found sleeping in the basement and then detained.