Scientists have found that people feel after death

Scientists have found that people feel after death

Researchers from the school of medicine at the Langone new York University decided once and for all answer the question that begins where life ends.

Doctors determine the moment of death the heart stops, the blood ceases to flow to the brain, which almost immediately ceases to function. Eventually brain cells die, however, this process is not instantaneous. Death occurs several hours after clinical death.

In the words of Sam Parnia, head of research, consciousness also shuts off immediately after death.

People can maintain the ability of perception in the “first stage of death”. Not without reason there is “evidence” of otherworldly experiences that are told by survivors of cardiac arrest and clinical death.

“They say they saw nurses at work and heard their talks. Give the facts which could not know!”, — said Parnia.

Currently, the researchers focused on the “prevalence” of consciousness after death. They’re watching the survivors of a cardiac arrest in Europe and the United States, trying to understand what people are experiencing at the moment of clinical death. According to Parnia, one thus will be able to acquire universal knowledge about the “posthumous experience”.

Among the future goals is to find more accurate methods for monitoring the state of the brain beyond the threshold of death and improve the quality of intensive care, to better cope with brain injuries at the re-start the heart, reports Live Science.