The search engine said about the anomalies of the Dyatlov pass

The search engine said about the anomalies of the Dyatlov pass

Rudolf Sedov, member of the group of missing tourists on the Dyatlov pass gave the details of the search operation in 1959.

During the search on one of the slopes was found a huge ice-covered space, recalls a contemporary of Dyatlova, master of sports of international class Rudolf Sedov.

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“We explained that this radiation melting, are common in the mountains. I how much walking these years, never seen the like. In my opinion, could be thermal effects. But we were not allowed there, said that there is a proven all”, — quotes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the words of a search engine.

Interestingly, in addition to Rudolf Sedov, on the ice only briefly mentioned the search engines Sergey Salgreen and Vladislav Karelin. Obviously she is very confused during the search of young tourists, and they still believe that it was some kind of thermal effect.

After so many years is hard to imagine what it could be. But certainly not from cold winter sun. If an object fell from the sky and hot vapors heated the snow. Of course, it’s our imagination.

A search team of 10 people, came to the conclusion that there was something strange. Sedov said that in the sky above the pass, the group saw huge balls of fire. He suggested that Dyatlov pass could be carried out any research or test.

Formerly the Ural researcher Valentin Degtyarev found on the satellite photographs of ancient geoglyphs in 60 km from Dyatlov pass. This summer Degtyarev was found near the scene of the death of Dyatlov’s group abandoned military bunker, which, in his opinion, is connected with the tragedy.