Lavrov joked that he would like to see the isolation of Russia

Lavrov joked that he would like to see the isolation of Russia

MUNICH, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov joked that he would like to see some isolation of Moscow on the sidelines of the Munich conference, the Russian delegation there were too many talks.

“You know, the isolation we probably even would like to see, because uninterrupted negotiations. More than two dozen meetings, and back to straighten the whole of our delegation,” Lavrov said at a press conference in Munich, where the Minister took part in a security conference.

According to him, all the conversations were constructive, even by politicians who at another time spoke quite harshly about Russia. “Everyone was assured that they want normalization of relations. But apparently this has not happened yet, they somehow have to be guided by mutual responsibility and follow the course, which is enshrined in the EU under the pressure of aggressive Russophobic majority,” the Minister added.

The diplomat also said that according to his observations, the position of the Russian side at the conference were more to listen to.

“If the conference as a whole, you know, perhaps, after all, began to listen more. So patience and a little effort. We are patient people, including the strategic plan,” — said Lavrov.