The Americans have developed tactics of using large underwater robots

The Americans have developed tactics of using large underwater robots

Boeing will supply the U.S. Navy with four large underwater robot.

The US Navy command concluded with American Corporation Boeing the contract to build four large Autonomous underwater vehicles Orca. According to The Drive, the army intends to use advanced machines to develop tactics of application of underwater robots, and determine the range of tasks that they must solve, including exploration, production of sea mines, clearing mined areas and the hunt for surface ships and submarines.

Today there are a large variety of underwater robots, the size of which in length usually do not exceed two to three meters. Such devices are used by the military for reconnaissance, research of the seabed, patrolling the entrances to the marine base, search frogmen enemy mine operations and in search and rescue operations. According to the us military, the big robots will be more versatile and be able to perform a wide range of tasks.

Thank you, @NAVSEA for selecting #Boeing to produce four Orca XLUUVs. We’re proud to partner with @HIIndustries to provide autonomous undersea capability for the @USNavy missions. RELEASE:

— Defense of Boeing (@BoeingDefense) February 15, 2019.

In total, the construction of four large underwater robots Orca, the U.S. Navy will spend $ 43 million. All robots must be delivered to the military until the end of 2022. Details on the new devices were not disclosed.

Most likely in their construction Boeing will actively use technology obtained in the development of the demonstrator a large underwater robot — Echo Voyager.

The length of this device is 15.5 meters. Mass Echo Voyager is 45.4 tons. It can carry equipment weighing up to 18 tons and can dive to a depth of 3.4 thousand meters.

It is able to swim under water for several months. Echo Voyager is able to collect various data, including the mapping of the bottom, and pass them to the operator. For the service robot does not require special support vehicle, like other underwater vehicles.