The Russians saved the nearby high-rise building from a gas explosion

The Russians saved the nearby high-rise building from a gas explosion

A resident of Yaroslavl learned of a gas leak in a neighboring high-rise building and saved the sleeping inhabitants of the explosion. He told the publication, “”.

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The incident occurred on the night of 13 Feb. 21-year-old Stanislav Mavrenkov friends and I were in a bakery near the house, when a man came on crutches and Smoking a cigarette, and he was escorted out of the institution. After some time the young man went outside and saw this man lying in the snow.

Newsa Bill to install a system notification about a gas leak in the houses introduced in the state Duma

“I went up, said, “let’s raise”. I shrugged and said sharply: “If you want to help, run people save. I’m home gas discovered”. I said to him: “What you were talking about, man?!” He shouted, “Run!” and threw me the keys. Said, where is the house, which apartment and floor. I took a friend and we ran,” said the young man, noting that the face of the interlocutor at the time did not Express any emotions.

It turned out that the stranger opened the kitchen’s gas burners, and left, locking the apartment. All this time the room is filled with gas, and when Mavrenkov with a friend went to the entrance, “was inside the lighter,” their eyes began to tear, it became difficult to breathe. At this time the street was bustling gas, which has finished work in the building, no leak didn’t notice and was about to leave. When friends opened the apartment, one ran for public utilities, the second — inside. “I thought, if now someone to smoke on the balcony will be all — tube. My whole life flashed before my eyes,” recalled Mavrenkov.

The kitchen window was curtained with a blanket, the gas is not out on the street. The young man grabbed it, closed the burner, and opened the window. At this moment came the gasman and all blocked. According to estimates of the interlocutor of the edition, it took about 15 minutes.

Together with a friend Mavrenkov ran outside and began to call the residents out. Released only a woman with a man, while the others slept. The police were called, the man on crutches was taken away in an ambulance, “because he was lying half-dead”.