Astronomers have found the missing third Universe

Astronomers have found the missing third Universe

Once upon a time, in the Big Bang the Universe was formed many substances: hydrogen, helium and other elements. Then it became stars, planets and nebulae, and the radiation now allows scientists to estimate its mass. On the other hand, some theoretical models allow to estimate how much of the matter in the Universe should be. And then there is the problem — about a third of the matter we are somehow not visible.

We emphasize: we are not talking about dark matter or something else invisible. No, we do not see the normal hydrogen with oxygen that it needs to be.

One of the versions is that the missing mass is collected into a giant filamentous structure warm (temperature less than 100 000 degrees Kelvin) and hot (>100 000 K) gas in the intergalactic space. These threads are invisible to optical telescopes, but some part of them can be detected in other bands.

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The researchers were able to prove the existence of these structures using x-ray space telescope “Chandra”. Astronomers used his data to find evidence of the absorption of hot gas in the spectrum of the galaxy located 3.5 billion light years from Earth.

One problem with this method is that the absorption signal is very weak and difficult to detect in the spectrum of the quasar, especially against the background of interferences. Scientists overcame this problem by focusing their search only on certain parts of the spectrum. The probability of false positives decreased.