The results of the autopsy of Lesina decided to publish

The results of the autopsy of Lesina decided to publish

Court of Washington ordered the city medical examiner to make public dozens of autopsy reports and other investigation materials in the case of the death of the former Minister of press of Russia Mikhail Lesin. It is reported by the American edition of “Radio Liberty”.

The plaintiff in the case made by journalist Michael Akel — he asked me to send him the data on the basis of the Law on freedom of information. The defendants claimed that the interests of the family outweighed the public Lesina.

The court rejected all the arguments and ordered the authorities until February 20, to convey to the journalist all requested materials, including the autopsy, toxicology reports and emails.

Earlier on 27 January 2018, the FBI has published information about the investigation into the death of Yassin. According to them, the death of Yassin was not violent. Cause of death was “blunt head trauma”, which he received in the hotel room in the accident in the background “of strong alcoholic intoxication”. Having examined records from surveillance cameras, investigators concluded that Lesin this moment was one.

The body of the former officer and the media Manager was discovered on 5 November 2015 in the room of the hotel Dupont in Washington. After his death it was reported that the cause of death was a heart attack. The investigation was closed in October 2016.