The “island of love” in the form of heart shown from space

The “island of love” in the form of heart shown from space

And it is not all right.

The European space Agency (ESA) released the taken with the satellite Sentinel-2 the island of Moorea in French Polynesia, calling it “a love message from Earth”.

The Heart Of Climate Change: New ESA Image Shows ‘Island Love’ Under Threat

— (@SPACEdotcom) 14 Feb 2019

Volcanic island in the Pacific ocean has a triangular shape, a bit like a heart shape. It is sometimes also called the “island of Love”. The painted red. But it is not done in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Red color appeared in the image post-processing in areas of lush vegetation on the island. Moorea is home to a rich ecosystem, reminiscent of scientists. People have inhabited this island for 1200 years and continue to change it: the red in the picture (but the green really) area is rapidly declining.

According to ESA, the coral reef around the unique island is still intact, but like all coral reefs, it faces the dangers related to fishing, runoff of pesticides and pollution of the ocean plastic. Corals worldwide are dying because of higher temperatures and ocean acidification.