Information about the detection in Afghanistan shot down in 1987, the pilot turned out to be false

Information about the detection in Afghanistan shot down in 1987, the pilot turned out to be false

The Chairman of Committee on Affairs of warriors-internationalists Alexander Kovalev said that none of the pilot.

MOSCOW, February 15. /TASS/. The information found in Afghanistan a Soviet pilot who was shot down in 1987, still alive and wants to return to Russia, were false — none of the pilot. This was on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, said in an interview with TASS Alexander Kovalev, Chairman of Committee on Affairs of soldiers-internationalists at Council of heads of governments of States — participants of CIS.

“This false information, not confirmed,” said Kovalev, adding that “a person is not really alive, no one, the pilot was never found, no one saw him”. “Even today the subject not on the agenda discuss, because there is no fact,” he said.

News“Kommersant” has found out the name of the Soviet pilot, went missing in Afghanistan 30 years ago

That in Afghanistan found alive air force pilot of the USSR, disappeared in 1987, announced in may 2018 Valery Vostrotin, the head of the interagency Commission on prisoners of war the military Department, co-chair of the Russian – American Commission on POWs and missing persons. It was reported that the military may be one of three pilots who were shot down in that period — Mikhailov, Pantelakos or Samoilov. Sources also reported that the military will be able to return Home within a year.

Limited contingent of Soviet forces operated in Afghanistan from December 1979 to February 1989. Through Afghanistan has passed, according to various reports, more than 600 thousand soldiers. Losses amounted to about 15 thousand soldiers, about 53 thousand have been wounded, injured or traumatized; about 400 people after the war, went missing and was captured. For military and other services over 200 thousand people were awarded orders and medals, 92 of them became heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.